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Established in 1966, DEMETRIOS A. DEMETRIADES LLC, is operating exclusively in co-operation with international law firms, accountancy firms, international banking institutions, publicly listed companies, business consultants, as well as reputable multinational companies and other high net worth investors, and has created a successful world-wide network of business relations.  

"Always here to provide full support for all your Cyprus matters, with efficiency, professionalism and confidentiality."

Get to Know Us

We work exclusively with International Law Firms, Accountancy Firms, Business Consultants, as well as reputable multinational Companies and other high net-worth Investors, having created a successful worldwide network of Business relations.


We adduce greatest importance in meeting our clients and in this respect, Mr. Demetrios Demetriades personally, since 1990, has been travelling to all Central and Eastern European Countries, in order to introduce our services and establish new contacts and investors who wish to route their investments through Cyprus.

Since then, we have worked in developing new Tax Planning ideas involving Cyprus Companies and Cyprus International Trusts, using the favorable Cyprus Tax Regime and high network of International Treaties that Cyprus has concluded with several states – now exceeding 65 Double Tax Treaties.

We have close working relationships with our International and associate Tax Planners, in order to develop new structures and to meet the needs of our international clients/investors.

We can assist your clients for the drafting of company and any other commercial agreements and protect the interest of your clients before all Courts established in the Republic of Cyprus.

Our Team of Lawyers are ready to provide you full support and assistance in obtaining Freezing Orders from Cyprus Courts to block Bank Accounts established in Cyprus, the Transfer of Shares in Cyprus Companies, etc.

We belong to several European Legal Associations and have established 2 Business Centres providing Substance Services for those Companies who wish to have virtual and full-fledged offices in Cyprus.


We would be very pleased to work with your esteemed Law Firm and to provide full support from Cyprus, as a gateway to Europe for your valuable clients.



Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC is located in the center of Nicosia, being only 400 meters from the Registrar of Cyprus Companies and Central Bank of Cyprus and within close vicinity with all commercial banks. 

We operate from our newly renovated, modern, freehold premises of approximately 2000 square meters office space, which have been designed to be utilized for our exclusive use for our international practice, in the management of companies and administration of trusts and estates and other related services, as well as for our internal expansion.  Our spacious office premises are specifically intended to provide every comfort to our personnel, thus enhancing the productivity and efficiency in the provision of our services. 

We have several meeting rooms which are fully equipped with all required electronic utilities, and can accommodate meetings from four to forty people, that can take place concurrently.  Finally we have specially designed conference rooms, whereby conferences are regularly organized and can accommodate up to 100 participants, with all modern audio-visual facilities.


At Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC, we have implemented internally our “know your client” procedures which are firmly adopted, whereby complete due diligence procedures are performed on prospective clients in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus as well as international rules. An independent compliance officer has been appointed solely for the purpose of evaluating the documentation of each prospective client and for the application of the client acceptance procedures.


Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC is a member of professional international associations of lawyers and accountants. As a result of our memberships in the global networks of professional international associations we have created solid business relations with other firms world-wide, not only with esteemed professionals of the legal sector but also with firms providing tax consulting, accountancy and audit services to whom we can refer our clients should the necessity arise. We are members of the following associations:   

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