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Banking and Finance

At Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC, we have gained ample expertise and in-depth practice in both corporate matters and individual clients, with respect to banking and finance law.  Our law firm handles high net-worth international transactions related to project financing, corporate re-financing, asset/property financing, security documents and other, capable of representing either the borrowers or the lenders.  

Our clients include banking institutions both local and international, investment banks, investment funds, international finance organizations, investment companies, governmental organizations as well as corporate clients.

Our law firm can provide the following legal services in international transactions with respect to banking and finance law:

  • Reviewing, negotiating and drafting financing agreements and security documents (including letters of credit and other negotiable instruments)

  • Creation, perfection and enforcement of securities

  • Corporate and taxation advice

  • Stamp duty and due execution of documentation

  • Choice of law on financing agreements and security documents

  • Issuance of legal opinions on above



Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC’s banking department comprises of highly educated personnel who have gained banking experience working previously in local and international banks and is well conversant with several languages (English, Russian, Romanian and Greek) and are capable in assisting our clients to choose the most suitable banking products and services.

We offer our clientele the opportunity of opening personal bank accounts or corporate bank accounts with any commercial bank situated either in Cyprus or abroad. Our banking department assists our clients in taking the most suitable decision for the selection of the most adequate jurisdiction, bank and banking services in order to achieve effective tax planning and asset protection strategies.

We have good and long established relationships with local banks and we are cooperating with most well-known international banks which we regularly utilise to open bank accounts for non-residents companies and individuals.

At Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC, we provide our clients with introduction and consultancy services guiding them in the most appropriate selection of the bank, selection of the type of account or any other suitable banking service and product. Meanwhile, we supply all information, application forms, etc. which are necessary to open the bank account and/or to obtain a bank product.

Furthermore, our banking department is well organised and handles the preparation and submission of bank application forms, safe dispatch of instruments (devices, tokens, digipasses and cards) in the most cost effective and timely manner, reporting to the clients about the progress, and advising them once the task has been completed.

The majority of the bank accounts we offer, enable our clients to carry out all their banking activity via the internet, e-mail, post, fax or telephone. Debit cards are available as well allowing easy and direct access to funds at all times. An alternative solution is the appointment of our experienced officers to manage your daily banking transactions through the authority of the company directors. We can offer our clients bank account management services including:

  • Daily monitoring of bank movements: up-to-date on account balances and transactions at all times.

  • Executing transfer of funds, including follow up, value date monitoring and providing with swift confirmation.

  • Investigations in case of complex transactions.

  • Performing money transactions such as wire transfers and cashiers cheques

  • Negotiation of foreign exchange rates or interest rates for deposit accounts

Other than managing the current bank accounts in all major currencies (including Swiss Francs, Sterling, US dollars and Euros and other convertible currencies as Polish Zloty, Russian Rouble, Romanian Lei) we can assist our clients in opening deposit accounts, escrow accounts, custody accounts, investment accounts and merchant accounts.

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