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Tax Planning

We can provide tax advice and tax planning ideas which we have developed through our tax planning department and we exchange ideas with other reputable centres, on new developments and amendments of Double Tax Treaties, local regulations and introduction of new taxation Laws in most foreign jurisdictions where Cyprus is used for routing investment.

Through our international contacts we are updated of any forthcoming changes or discussions for the introduction of taxation Laws and Regulations.

We have developed tax planning ideas which are reviewed and tested by our international tax planners based on the foreign jurisdictions who are conversant with foreign tax regulations and latest tax rulings which are issued from time to time by the foreign tax authorities, on Cyprus subsidiaries.

We have made several presentations on tax optimization seminars on workable tax planning ideas which are applicable between Cyprus and foreign tax jurisdictions based on the Double Tax Treaties, that Cyprus has concluded with other states. Especially for Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania we have made presentations on tax planning ideas in cooperation with local lawyers and accountants who are recognized for their tax expertise by the International Tax Bodies and Associations.

Our clients will know in advance whether the structure is workable, based on our knowledge and expertise we have gained from our international contacts, with whom we have developed an informal reciprocal support on the exchange of tax planning ideas.

Based on the above and our established expertise, contacts, communications and personal frequent visits and seminars we hold on these matters, we ensure that our clients will obtain the most sophisticated and advanced tax planning ideas, and reliable workable structures which are also tested in the foreign jurisdiction and supported by tax rulings.

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