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Our Team

Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC employs 30 individuals as personnel, including lawyers, managers and administrators, who are energetic, friendly and work with unlimited enthusiasm.  The law firm’s team comprises of dedicated individuals who are competent in providing efficient services on a timely and effective manner.  For us the desicive factor is the level and quality of the legal services that are rendered.  In this respect our belief is that our teamwork within the law firm provides the ultimate results to our clients.

Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC internally is separated into departments whereby specialized managers have been appointed, who have ample experience, knowledge and expertise to manage the internal business operations of each respective department.  Furthermore, the law firm is re-enforced by administrators that are in close co-operation with the lawyers and managers with the ultimate goal of providing high quality of professional services.  

Our team recognizes that the world is rapidly changing, and has the knowledge and appreciation of the international business environment and is ready to meet the business demands of the international market.

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